about us

Steve Mills began his trading career in 1999 creating award winning lofts & extensions achieving an unrivalled reputation. Sadly, he entrusted the running of his business to others. On suspecting they may have been less scrupulous than he, Steve commissioned an independent external audit and management review which in December 2018 highlighted gross financial irregularities, resulting in A1 Lofts and Extensions Ltd having to be placed into liquidation.

Two members of the external review team were so sympathetic to the plight of customers, they felt obliged to volunteer their time and expertise to those adversely affected. Thus Malcolm & Phil formed A1 L&E Ltd.

Despite their best efforts, legal protocol dictated by the appointed Insolvency Practitioner prevented A1 L&E Ltd from approaching any clients of A1 Lofts and Extensions Ltd.

The A1 Team

Malcolm operated his Independent Financial Advisors practice for almost 20 years before retiring early, subsequently in 2000 opening a family property company and an Animal Rehabilitation Centre. He was appointed Chairman of the Canine Hydrotherapy Association and was the first to be bestowed an award for services to his chosen profession. Malcolm and his businesses have impeccable trading and credit history.

Qualifying as an engineer in 1994, Phil’s field of expertise is that of project management in the design and build of residential and commercial property projects. His consultancy actively advises several large UK corporations on all aspects of building and construction services.

Place your trust in us

Government statics show there were nearly 3000 building and construction company failures in the UK during 2018. Simply put, over the last few months, several Surrey based loft & extension companies have not for the first time declared insolvency.

Given their individual fields of experience, Malcolm and Phil have put together a team of industry experts to assist in the operation of A1 L&E Ltd.
This will provide reassurance for customers fearful of placing their trust in companies without an impeccable long term trading and credit history.

Our Fees

Perhaps one of the most important factors at this time is money security. Your final quotation will be comprehensive and complete; rest assured that there are no ‘hidden costs’. Your payments are held in a dedicated project account.

This means:

  • Your payments are safe.
  • Your payments are only used for your project.
  • Suppliers and workmen are paid promptly avoiding delays.