Detached House Loft Conversions

Hip to Gable

A hip to gable loft conversion involves making fairly major changes to the roof. It is ideal for semi and detached properties as well as some end terraced properties where there is a ‘hipped roof’, which is essentially a roof with a sloping side in addition to the slopes at the front and back.

A hip to gable loft conversion effectively extends the side roof area so that the hipped roof which formerly sloped inwards becomes a vertical wall (turning it into a gable roof), creating extra usable space inside the loft.

Rear Dormer

A dormer loft conversion is an extension to the existing roof, creating additional floor space and headroom within the loft conversion. Dormers can be built in various styles, but all extend from the roof slope, usually in a box shape.

The process for building a rear dormer is simpler than most extensions. Many people choose to have a dormer because of the options it can bring. Space is a key reason for having a rear dormer extension. Whether you need a new bedroom or a study if you’re working from home, the possibilities are endless.

Velux Conversions

Velux loft conversions very rarely require planning permission. Velux are the leading manufacturer of roof windows with over 60 years experience, and A1 are the largest independent client of VELUX products. This type of conversion is generally very cost effective.

A Velux loft conversion requires considerably less construction work than a dormer or other types of conversion. You can add an extra bedroom, living room or office cheaply and quickly – and start enjoying your new conversion within weeks.

Completed Detached House Loft Conversions