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A1  and Rockwood have re-launched our social media pages so that you can see the latest ideas, designs, innovations and see recently completed projects.  Every project is unique and bespoke so we are always excited to share what we have done and what new ideas create a ‘wow’ factor.  Please see the links below and follow our pages to get the most up to date ideas.  Please also share your unique referral code so that we can give something back to you and whoever you introduce.

Our new referral code system is designed to ensure that our customer are rewarded for bringing us new customers. Finding new  opportunities can be like a needle in a haystack and can be very costly, that is why we thanks our friends, some of whom have now had several cheques from us to show our gratitude but new this year is the gift you can give to your friends and family as they too will receive a gift from you for their project, a £250 voucher towards the cost of any item or products from the Rockwood interior range.   Over the years the majority of our new business has come from referrals and we are very grateful, it can simply be the difference between success and failure and that is why we are the longest continually operating loft conversion business in London next month to celebrate 18 years, so our coming of age.  There will several celebrations so look out on social media for the announcements.

We will always introduce new ideas, technology and designs on our social media pages first and because they are usually visual either as pictures or videos, social media provides the perfect platform.





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