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The latest trends in loft conversions what to look out for and considerations when choosing from a myriad of London loft conversion companies.

Dormer lofts, gable lofts, mansard lofts or existing converted loft extensions.  There are a huge variety of considerations and variables that need to be understood before deciding on the ideal loft plans that will suit your needs, create beautiful space and add the most value to your home and investment.

The first consideration for any loft conversion companies will be the building or structure and its location, clearly detached house loft conversions  in Richmond,Windsor, Guildford or Kingston will differ in options, style and content from terraced loft conversions or semi-detached house loft conversions in Golders Green, Harrow , West Hampstead or South London.  The location will determine also how the new loft can be built, recently,  loft specialists have started to pre-fabricate ‘loft pods’ off site in a factory that are then delivered on the back of an articulated truck and put in place via a huge crane.  Logistically, a nightmare in many London districts and given the age of many of the buildings they are being ‘attached’ to,  usually measurements, levels and angles are out when the final fitting takes place which means that onsite ‘adjustments’ and fillers are needed which can affect the efficiency and operation of the building as well as the use of space.

With almost 20 year’s  continuous business experience in installing almost over 2,000 lofts all across London, A1 can claim to be truly local building bespoke designed and built solutions for each of their customers.  From the loft conversion quote through to the completion certificates, customer satisfaction survey and 10 year contractual build guarantee, A1’s loft experts understand the complexities of working at height and at the same time making the most of every nook and cranny to build in clever storage or to create space.

A major consideration these days, especially with lofts,  is the technology and efficiency that comprises quality insulation. As you can imagine a loft is hot in summer and cold in winter if not properly insulated.  If you are adding a bathroom, bedroom or home study in that newly created space, those issues are multiplied.  The quest for efficiency   sees the best loft companies using space age products that protect satellites and space craft, layers of reflective and high performance insulation that cannot be bulky but as a sealed unit must provide continuous protection as the efficiency is only as good as the weakest point.  Energy performance is everything  and as heat rises, a poorly performing loft space can undermine the energy requirements and  performance of the whole building as the heat in the lower floors dissipates into the loft.

Aesthetics and design are the ‘customer facing’ elements and the things that many seem to use to judge what to buy and who to use but in reality those are fixtures and  fittings.  With good interior design A1 always delivers the ‘wow’ factor but it is the build quality that should really be the ‘wow’, the guarantee and not least the attention to the details and complexities not least within the Construction Design and Management regulation of 2015 that legally requires each project and those working on it to be safely and properly managed.  Loft conversions anywhere are a specialist business but loft conversions in London are perhaps more specialist still!

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